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...which also means a friends list cleanup.

If you read this and want to keep me in your friends, do so.
I won't be adding everyone in my old friends list since I don't know how many of you are actually interested.


I posted some flash animations here a week ago or two.
Now I've finally completed the website I've been working on for hours and hours every day the last weeks :P
I've faced a lot of errors and difficulities, trying out Flash and Javascript and new webdesign techniques that I've never faced before. But it has really seemed to pay off, since this is one of the products I'm actually very content with. And I'm rarely content with my work.

So, please check out my website for
Sur()real Productions

It might be difficult for you non-norwegian speaking people out there, but the few links you have to click aren't hard to understand. "Tilbake" means "Back" and that's about all you really need to know. It's made in flash, so you've got to have the lastest version of macromedia flash player blablabla and so on. And since this is flash, you can try clicking on everything. The video clips, the animated text, the objects... try hovering your mouse on the visuals. Etc. Well, there's not a hell of a lot to do, most stuff is pretty obvious. YADAYADAYADAAAAA just go there and test it and tell me what you think :) thank you.
Click HERE
then click "Klikk her for å stemme"

And in that way you have helped us (Tor-Finn and I) to win the "people's choice" award.

You all get one vote each.
So please help me out and vote here and even get your friends to vote as well or whatever. All votes are deeply appreciated and help us get one step closer to what could be our first official prize ever.

Sur()real Productions can finally present their latest short film:


The longest feature yet, almost 12 minutes in it's entirety.
Divided into two parts to make it possible for viewing on youtube.

Part One.

Part Two.

As always, feedback is wanted. Every comment is appreciated. Honesty is required.


I just love this.
beep beep.

I passed off in the bathroom again today. But this time it wasn't funny.

EDIT: No, there were no drugs or alcohol in my system when it happened. There haven't been the past week at all really. That's what makes is so weird. I've probably just been too lazy and unhealthy lately.


Reffering to
this entry where I mentioned we made a new short,
here it is!

socks with toes.

It's on Youtube so I guess you can all just read the description there.

A few notes anyway:
+ Lasts only 03:35 minutes. Shortest of our productions yet.
+ Filmed at the same playground as Allergisk was!
+ Contains the usual degree of randomness and personal humour.
+ The womans voice in the end is actually TF's mother ^^ we talked her into doing that one line.
+ We didn't add any music while editing the material. Everything was played while filming.
+ The music you hear in the background is first Autechre, and the two next songs are by Tarmvred.

Please rate and comment!

I've been putting this off for several days now because summing up Roskilde 2006 in words seems too hard impossible.

I'll try to do it simple by dividing the biggest live experiences separately (and chronologically):

Monday - Wednesday, festval warm-up

Lis Er Stille
Reminded me slightly of Sigur Rós. I wish I found their album somewhere because they were magnificent, and I'm very happy I went and saw them despite my never hearing of or about them.

Slow in an elegant way.

7 out of 10

These guys were special. Their music wasn't the best thing I ever heard, but the show they put on was amazing. They sure had developed their own unique style with costumes, masks and make-up.

I don't know if I'd listen a lot to their CD, but I'd sure watcht their shows over and over again!

7 out of 10

I don't remember them, I only remember I liked them.

Can't rate them.

Purified In Blood
To me, a bit boring after the first songs, and not my taste in music at all...

4 out of 10

Thursday, festval kick-off

Good rock band, the sort of music that gets you up and about.

6 out of 10

An OK metal band. Not exactly my taste, but worth seing live.

5 out of 10.

I only saw two or three songs, while queing up for Sigur Rós who were playing in the same tent two hours later. So I don't recall much of the music but what I heard was OK.

Can't rate.

Sigur Rós:
A magical opening to the festival. Started 12 o'clock at night, and went on 'til about 1:30.
I've loved their unique relaxing melancholy music since I first heard them a year ago, and quickly collected all their albums (except Von).
His high pitched yet soft icelandic voice echoing through the dim tent hypnotized thousands as we closed our eyes and went places beyond where music has ever taken us before.
At the same time, you wanted to keep your eyes open, to observe the magical show taking place infront of you, with light, colors, instruments and images of all kinds.
Explaining a Sigur Rós concert spoken and written is very hard, but one thing is certain: they must be seen live. A fan or not, I advice you nevertheless to take part in that experience at least once in your life.

True art on stage.

10 out of 10.

This post is getting long and boring so I might do friday, saturday and sunday later.


I just cannot describe Placebo in words.

Not right now anyway.

I can just say that I had eye contact with Brian five or six times.
And my voice is gone. I yelled too much.
I screamed "BRIIIIIIAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN!!!!!!!" in the short silent moments in between songs. I was at the very front. There were thousands of people there. But I queued up three hours ahead of them :)

And he actually looked at me.

Don't laugh I'm serious.
Oh my dear fucking god.

I just.....can't really................


I'll make a big post about this læater.

Right now, I'm just going to enjoy my last hours at Roskilde 2006.